Laura Ross

The Potter Behind the Wheel

Laura Ross sits behind the wheel as she gently guides the path of the clay. As the clay takes form, her thoughts engulf her mind as she contemplates where this piece will call home. Will it be someone’s kitchen or sitting on a grand shelf calling for the attention of gazers as they pass by?

The Beginning

Laura’s pottery interest was sparked as a painter. Experimenting with clay and the enjoyment it brought, she decided to pursue a degree to polish her skills. Under the tutelage of Tom Marsh (a functional Japanese potter), she obtained a Masters in Ceramics from the University of Louisville.

A succession of her Style

The beginnings of her artistry developed with low-fired decorative pieces that traveled to various galleries and art stores. The succession of her art style evolved as she began producing high-fired stoneware. Her vision was to make pieces that were functional for customers to use in their everyday life.


As she honed in on her individual technique style,  Laura discovered a way to alter the shape of the piece prior to firing. She termed this as “out of round.” After manipulating the shape of the piece, it was then kiln fired using a combination of ash, shy and iron-based glazes.

Firing Method

Discovery of a new firing method took hold of her direction as she exposed her pieces to the Soda Kiln. The soda kiln uses a rather unique technique using soda (baking soda). The soda is introduced into the kiln at the highest temperature. The finished appearance of the pottery is raw and organic. No two pieces will be alike as this method produces originality and uniqueness!

The Regional Potter


Nestled along the banks of the Ohio River in Kentucky, Louisville has become Laura’s home. Her studio is adorned with her works of earthy pieces. The many exhibitions and shows she attends expose the beauty of her clay talents to those attending.


Laura shares her passion for pottery in teaching classes and passing her style and technique on to her students. Tradition, learning and the love of clay is her endeavor to continue the ancient art form evident in her work!

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